Thursday, 11 September 2008

Ayo Technology

Unrequited love will be my downfall.
The sound of rain falling and the noise burning leaves makes are one and the same.
Something prevents me from liking CocoRosie, I hope to God it's not some deep seated prejudice I havn't realised yet.

These are all perfectly fine names for use on MSN. They provoke questions and make you look interesting, just like leaving your "What I Am Listening To" on for all eternity and throwing in some down-n-dirty gangsta shit for every two taking back sunday songs you play.

Is that even what the kids listen to now? Am I getting prematurely old or just maturely old?

A Song Meaning

"I heard that it's about how guys want the "real thing" after having consumed (too much?) porn. That there is a contrast between the fantasy world of porn (where women are always up for it and stuff) and reality..."